Foodle Privacy Policy

Foodle is a service for simple surveys or polls and for scheduling meetings. The service is offered by UNINETT AS.

Foodle requires federated login for users to be able to use the service. The Foodle service makes use of the following user data for users accessing the service:

  • UserID
  • E-mail
  • Name of the user
  • Public calendar URL

Code of Conduct

Foodle adhers to the G√ČANT Data Protection Code of Conduct version 1.0.

User control of

User data is stored in association with user provided content for an unlimited period of time.

On request the Foodle administrator will remove all data stored in association with a user. This includes both user data, Foodles and responses to other’s Foodle.

Description of processed attributes

User ID: the format of the user ID varies between Identity Providers. The requirement from foodle is that the user ID is persistent and globally unique.

E-Mail address: An important role of Foodle is for creators of a Foodle poll to able to contact the participants to invite to a meeting. That is the main reason why an e-mail address is required. Foodle may also send out notifications to users on e-mail based upon the user’s action; such as status updates on the Foodles the user have created.

Later versions of Foodle may use the e-mail address for invitations to Foodles.

The name of the user: The name of the user is associated with the responses the user made to a Foodle. This is essential for the creator of the Foodle to identify who did respond to the Foodle.

Calendar URL: Some companies has set up export of iCalendar FreeBusy calendar data to Foodle. This is used for automatically pre-filling a foodle based upon dates and times. Calendar data will never be used without the users acknowledge.

Foodle will never send out advertisements or re-distribute e-mail addresses (or any other user data) to external parties.


The Foodle service is running in a secured environment, and all HTTP access is secured with a valid SSL certificate, to ensure protection of user data.

Data associated with a Foodle is protected by the randomly generated URL of a Foodle. To ensure privacy of the Foodle content, the participants and creators of a Foodle should be careful about where Foodle URL is pubslihed.

The administrator of Foodle, currently one person at UNINETT, does have access to all created Foodles. This may be used for debugging and ensuring normal operations of Foodle.

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