Twitter – DiscoJuice – Foodle

2 years ago, I added twitter authentication to Foodle. Since then I have disabled the twitter support for a while – because I simply did not have a good scalable user experience for an increasing number of alternative login options.

Today, I re-enabled Twitter authentication on Foodle. I have also added support in DiscoJuice — the Embedded (and stand-alone) IdP Discovery Service that I’ve been working on lately; for multiple authentication protocols. Twitter is only one example of an alternative login provider.

One drawback with dealing with multiple alternative login options is that people tend to not be consistent with which provider to login to use. People with a user profile scattered across multiple IDs, becomes a problem not only for the user, but for other users that would like to invite the user.

Account linking sucks (from a user perspective) – but it is neccessary. I’ll try to come up with ideas of more humane account linking, before implementing it.