Migration to WordPress

I’ve ran rnd.feide.no on Drupal for 2-3 years now. While drupal is a very sophisticated platform with tons of features; for this particular site, it was basically an overkill. I’ve just converted the site back to WordPress which I used before I migrated to Drupal. The reasoning is to save some time maintaining this site, and focus mostly on content. The plugin API is somewhat simpler in WordPress, which allows me to extend the site without disturbing other work I’m focusing on.

If you miss some content, or find 404s, let me know.

I’ll probably fresh up the theme a bit sometime soon, and improve some of the contents (such as the attributelist).

Commenting on the blog entries should now work again (have been disabled for a while on the drupal site for various reasons). I’ll probably add OpenID login pretty soon.

New SimpleSAMLphp Documentation Site

I’m happy to announce that today we are launching a new documentation site for SimpleSAMLphp.

This page will also hold a future version of the simpleSAMLphp home page.

If you want to link to the documentation index of the latest stable release of simplesamlphp; use this link:

Most of the old documentation is linked correctly over to the new portal. If you encounter some links on rnd.feide.no that is not redirecting; let me know, and I’ll fix it.

Notice that documentation is now proper versioned; which means that you will be able to view all documents in revision 1.4, 1.5 and trunk, and easily switch between the revisions on a list on the upper right.

The search field is not yet working; we are waiting for google to index the new site. It should automatically start working in days or hours. We are using google custom search.

The new site should be snappy; I’m sorry for the inconvenience of the sluggish old site.

The new site is probably full of bugs; if you encounter some let me know.

The new site is automatically updated from subversion once an hour.

Drupal installation upgraded to 5.7

I’ve just upgraded the drupal installation running rnd.feide.no to version 5.7 (from 5.2). I had to perform a few fixes, and also did some updates to the theme.

If some links break, or the site is misbehaving by some other means, let me know.

Update: The theme update is tested in Safari and Firefox. Seems to be some minor issues with Opera. Not tested in IE.

Major updates on Feide RnD


I have added alot of new content as well as new features on Feide RnD. Check out the document and slides archives, the federation section and the new homepage of simpleSAMLphp. All available from the navigation meny on the left side.

I have tried to add redirects from all existing pages to the new location, but I may have failed. If you encouter a bad link to rnd.feide.no, I would be very happy if you contacted me about it, and I’ll add a redirection to the new page.

This new site went live 1. November 2007 at 15:00.