Feide OpenIdP Temporary Unavailable [Updated]

There is some problems with the virtual machine running the LDAP server connected to Feide OpenIdP. It will most likely not be fixed until Sunday afternoon.

OpenIdP is back up and running

The virtual machine running OpenIdP have been converted and moved from the problematic host, to a new safer location. The man on the picture below, Øyvind, spent the weekend fixing the OpenIdP server for us. If you see him on the street, give him a hug.

Releasing Foodle version 2.1

Foodle is now updated to version 2.1. New feature: Foodle now allows anonymous access.

Many people want to use Foodle with friends or collegues that does not have a federated identity. Registering in Feide OpenIdP just to sign up for a meeting is not easy enough, so now you can check to allow anonymous access to a newly created Foodle:

There is also several minor fixes in this release.

Feide RnD Becoming a Significant Identity Provider?

Feide RnD runs the OpenIdP Identity Provider, where users can register new accounts and login with SSO to various services. I’ve written much about the OpenIdP solution, since the launch. Time for some updates:

Currently we hold around 125 identities – not an incredibly high number of users, but still, significant.

Although the OpenIdP is provided as-is, best-effort, we have not yet experienced much down-time. We’ll do our best to keep the service up and running.

We have a list of improvements that we want to do with the registration process of OpenIdP, to make it more simple to use.

As soon we make the OpenID provider part of simpleSAMLphp more stable, we’ll off course add OpenID provider functionality to OpenIdP.

SimpleSAMLphp and MediaWiki proof of concept

I did a quick proof of concept implementation of an simpleSAMLphp authentication extension to MediaWiki.

More information and code to download available here:

I did this demo for Klaas. If Klaas, or someone else want to improve the auth extension and make it more polished many will be happy. This is one of the most requested service integration we have received.

Introducing Foodle

We have implemented a web service called Foodle. What is it? – may be you already have testet doodle.ch, Foodle is a federated rip-off that is open sourced.

When you go to Foodle, you are asked to authenticate. As Foodle is a SAML 2.0 service we can connect it to all Identity Providers that supports SAML 2.0. We already have added Feide, OpenIdP (for guest users),  Wayf.dk (Denmark), University of Malaga (in Spain), Luxembourg, Slovenia, Netherlands and Croatia. If you does not have a federated account, you can still use Foodle, because when you select Feide OpenIdP, you will get a link where you can create a new user account.

After authentication you end up on the Foodle front page. There you can create two kinds of Foodle: a meeting scheduler that allows a group of people to agree upon date and time slots, and a general multiple choice Foodle. 

Let’s say you want to create a vacation planning table, where people in your group can tell when they are planning to take vacation. We click create a multiple choice, and fill inn the options:

We set an expire date – after this date the Foodle will be read only. When we click the Create Foodle button, we get a page that gives us an URL to our new Foodle.We send an email to the group of people that we want to participate, and then we wait for responses.

Both the creator of the Foodle and all participant that have the URL,will be able to anytime go back to the Foodle and review all the other participants respones.

If your Foodle is confidential, keep the URL to the Foodle confidential, because it contains the access code for both responding and viewing the responses.