Federated OAuth 2.0 SAML VOOT Chat Proof of Concept

Today I’m demoing a proof of concept chat service making use of federated Login and cross-federated group exchange with the VOOT protocol. The chat application is written in Javascript, and is making use of HTML5 WebSockets for Real time communication. The server side is running on Node.js.

The javascript client is using OAuth 2.0 implicit grant with the JSO library we recently released. The user access token is requested with a specific scope for having access to groups. The access token is cahced in localstorage, and send to the chat server during the first registration message. The VOOT provider is done using a new PHP OAuth 2.0 library we have not released yet. It supports using MongoDB and Mysql for storage.

This is only a simple demo of what cross-federated real-time collaboration software can be like. Next step could be adding WebRCT video or audio, file, slide sharing etc.

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New OpenIdP Available

Feide OpenIdP is now live in a brand new version.

The source code is available as a module to SimpleSAMLphp (not part of the simpleSAMLphp distribution though).

The module is implemented by Thomas Graff, one of the members of the Feide team.

Feide OpenIdP allows self registration of users, self registration of SAML 2.0 SPs and supports OpenID.

Connecting to the Feide RnD SVN Repository using Versions

Click to add a repository:

Fill in this url:

  • https://svn.rnd.feide.no/docs/trunk/geant

and then type in your username and password from Feide OpenIdP. Your username on the short form, like ‘andreas‘.

Then click on the G√ČANT bookmark in the left pane, next click on the first line on the right pane, and then click Checkout button.

Find a suitable place for your work copy, in example inside your Documents folder:

And you now have a working work copy:

Now, you may add files, edit files.

  • To update others changes into your working copy: click Update.
  • To provide your changes back to the repository (for others): click Commit.

Drupal Update – Under Maintenance

I’m upgrading drupal from 5.12 to 6.X. This is a large update, and it will take me a couple of days to get back all the functionality. All the content should be readable now, but login, themes etc is not yet ready.

  • Update: Authentication should now work with OpenIdP and Feide.
  • Update 2: Attributes is back. Views2 rocks!
  • Update 3: Federations view is back.
  • Update 4: Federated software
  • Update 5: Updated theming with a new Drupal 6 theme.
  • Update 6: Improved UI on lists of attribute and federated software. Improve UI on attributes.