Infocard RP Module to simpleSAMLphp available

Finally, this morning we have uploaded the Infocard Relying Party (RP) module to subversion. There is no documentation yet but the configuration file and the code itself should be self-explanatory. A few issues are still open:


  • Policy support through WS-SecurityPolicy 
  • STS certificate validation. Any certificate will be ok by now. As far as I know, it is up to the application to check this.

STS support will be integrated in this module. Currently is still in beta state, if any of you want to test it, please let us know.

This code is a contribution of Samuel Muñoz Hidalgo, a CS Student of the University of Alcala and it has been supported by RedIRIS.

New beta SimpleSAMLphp Infocard authentication module released

I have just submitted to the simpleSAMLphp mail list a beta version of an Infocard authentication module for simpleSAMLphp. This modules have been programmed by Samuel Muñoz, a CS student who is working with our university (University of Alcala, Spain) and RedIRIS.The module can be customized to require any set of claims in the Infocard and is capable to work with self and managed cards. At the moment of this writing, the module is only capable to process SAML 1.1 tokens, neither OpenID tokens nor SAML 2 are supported. We plan to develop an STS for Infocard and integrate it with simpleSAML.

You can see some screenshots next:



OSIS Interoperability Testing and Information Card Foundation

OSIS (Open Source Identity Systems) is a group of project representatives that meet for bi-weekly phone conferences. A set of mailing lists, a wiki, working sessions / interop testing events.

Two years old. Now has 57 participating projects. Founded by Johannes Ernst, Kim Cameron, Mike Graves and Dave Winter. Initially very InfoCard focused. Expanded to include OpenID, and soon SAML 2.0.

Information Card Foundation

  • Information Card Foundation
  • Working on consensus on attribute definitions beyond the 14 available in personal cards with CardSpace.
  • Higgins – Card selector with cards managed in the cloud.

Other links:

Infocard and OpenID

During the last weeks, I have been working in trying to bring some of the Inforcard capabilities into the simpleSAMLphp. At the moment, I have been able to adapt some code to write a Infocard login module that I have been able to test again Firefox’s Digital Me Identity Selector. The simple module just allow to authenticate users with both managed and not managed cards and extracts some of the claims and export them as attributes.

Currently, I am studying the existing bridges that has been built among OpenID and Infocard. I have been studying the OpenID Information Cards Draft( and I plan to implement support for it in simpleSAMLphp. As future work, I am also considering the possibility of adding STS capabilities to simpleSAMLphp. I encourage everybody to add any idea or suggestion in these subjects.

You can contact me here or by email: