Federations on a map

As you know, DiscoJuice is very happy because you are providing Geo Locations in your metadata feed. If you don’t, please do 🙂

Here is a visualization of the Identify Federations based upon geo locations provided in metadata (with some fallbacks):

Data quality is sufficient to be useful, but I hope that the data quality of the metadata sources will improve, giving users a even better user experience.

This map is using data feeds generated by DiscoJuice.org.

DiscoJuice 2.0

I’m preparing a new release of DiscoJuice, version 2.0. This is centrally hosted version, at discojuice.org, and it should be ready today, to start playing with it. All the neccessary components are available, and the documentation should be more or less up to date.

The DiscoJuice engine, is available in to two tracks, stable and dev. These will automatically point to the appropriate version of DiscoJuice. The script is minified, compressed and the hosting supports caching well.

We are automatically generating feeds for most existing Identity Federations, using various techniques for getting the best data quality to feed into DiscoJuice. We support most of the MDUI extension and will make use of information in there. DiscoJuice is now multilingual, and extracts translated names of institutions from the metadata.

Thanks to all of you that helped us get DiscoJuice translated into 15 different languages.

Feel free to have a look at the available generated metadata feeds:

To get started, you probably would like to start here:

Setting up a central IdP Discovery Service for a federation

DiscoJuice also contains an implementation of the IdP Discovery Protocol in javascript, and setting up a full fledged IdP Discovery Service for your federation, is now as easy as copying and pasting a static HTML page to a location of your choice; given that your federation metadata is already available as one of the prepared feeds at discojuice.org.

DiscoJuice and SimpleSAMLphp

There has been a discojuice module in simpleSAMLphp for quite some time, although it has never been part of a stable release. The early version has included a selfcontained version of DiscoJuice. The new version now instead refers to the central hosted discojuice.org.

If you earlier installed simpleSAMLphp just to get DiscoJuice working more easy, that should no longer be necessary. It should be far more easy to setup DiscoJuice now without SimpleSAMLphp.

For those of you that are already using the discojuice module in simplesamlphp, you probably need to carefully consider how to proceed. Feel free to join the mailinglist for discussion the options.

Please give feedback

If things does not work as you expect it to, if you have feature requests, or if you have any questions, please use the discojuice mailinglist.

Presentation at FAM11

DiscoJuice will be presented at eduServ FAM11 http://www.eduserv.org.uk/newsandevents/events/fam11

If you are there, feel free to comment or ask about DiscoJuice.

DiscoJuice 1.0 Now Available!

I’m happy to announce, as promised, DiscoJuice version 1.0 available for download.

There are two packages available:

  • DiscoJuice Standalone
  • DiscoJuice SimpleSAMLphp module

The web site is prepared with downloads, documentation and mailinglists.

Please give feedback, and help me improve the software for a next improved version. If you’re at TNC2011, feel free to ask me about DiscoJuice.

Thanks for your partience.

Register for TNC2011

I’d like to meet you at TNC2011. I expect interesting discussions on Usability in general, but in particular around Idp Discovery. And I’m very interested in feedback from you on DiscoJuice – is it a good start of something, which are the most important missing features, and how important do you think browser extensions would be?

The final deadline for registration for the TERENA Networking Conference 2011 (TNC2011) and co-located meetings is quickly approaching. TNC2011 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from 16 – 19 May 2011. Online registration for TNC2011 closes at midnight CET on Sunday, 8 May 2011.

Identity Provider Selection UX: Moving selection of Feide institusion to the RP

When a RP offers a wide variety of login options, and Feide is one of them, a two-step Identity Discovery UX will fall natural for the technical architecgture. Multi-step discovery is not optimal, and I’ve done some research in ways to avoid that, and implemented a proof of concept within the DiscoJuice discovery service.

Today, I took the discovery UX showcase live on Foodle. When you now want to login to Foodle, you may select between norwegian institusions (that have subscribed for Foodle) along with institusions from other european countries.

For those of you that are not familiar with the norwegian architecture; an important element here is that the Feide operates a single IdP for all norwegian institusions, and there is a custom UI for selecting which institusion to login with at the IdP.

Foodle now may both read and write preferred organisations on Feide; although a inconsistency worth mentioning here is that if you have already successfully logged in with Feide using a specific organization that preference is stored with a higher priority than what Foodle is allowed to write; meaning that Foodle will not allow you to override that ‘preference’. If you want to test this nontheless; you may delete all your cookies at idp.feide.no to see how it works for other users.

Want to learn more about DiscoJuice? – Join my session at TNC2011, at May 17th.