WordPress deployment workflow to Google Container Engine using Circle-CI, Docker hub and Kubernetes

We would like a github repository to include deployment configuration of a WordPress blog. We would like to run an instance of this deployment on a Google Container Engine / Kubernetes. In fact, we would like to run two instances, a pre-prod instance matching the master branch of the deployment configuration. We would like the operated deployment instances to automatically update when we commit to the configuration repository.

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Dataporten.no, an advanced API Platform for education and research in Norway, based upon OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect is going live!

Making education in Norway a more interesting market for targeting digital services

Today, any developer or service provider may use the free of charge, 100% self service, developer dashboard to register OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect clients. The service provider may choose to enable various authentication backends, such as Feide, ID-porten, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Feide guest OpenIdP.

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