Foodle 3.3 New Features – Group support and new Activity Stream

Foodle Groups

You may now organize your Foodle contacts in groups. This feature is part of the preparations for some ongoing work we do on cross-domain shared group definitions – you’ll hear more about that later.

On the Foodle front page, you’ll see a list of groups you are member of, and a link to manage (create) your own groups. Like this:

The group features are currently considered Beta.

Group management

The UI should be intuitive and allow you to create new groups, revisit the existing ones, and add members to groups.

You may only add members from your contact list, and your contact list is automatically generated based upon contacts that have responded to the same Foodles that you have responded to. If you need to add additional members, use the invite URL.

Group pages

Each group, will get its own group page. The group page contains a list of users, a list of shared files, and an group activity stream.

To make fooldes show up in the group activity stream, use the new group tab when creating a new Foodle to associate a Foodle with a specific group.

File sharing

The file sharing dropbox on a group page is experimental. It is using HTML 5 File and Drag and Drop API and works only in recent versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Shared files are only accessible from the users in your group.

New activity stream

On the front page, you’ll noticed the new activity stream. It includes:

  • Foodles you have created
  • Foodles you have responded to
  • Foodles you are invited to
  • Foodles that are associated with groups you are member of (the last one is new and very important).

The activty stream is sorted by recent activity in each Foodle.

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