Launching Federation Lab

I’m happy to make an early announcement of the availability of the Federation Lab toolkit.

We would probably make a broader announcement after receiving feedback from the early testers.

The initial set of tools and content available on Federation Lab is somewhat limited. There is plans for improving and extending the set of useful tool during the rest of the Identity Federation project period. If you have ideas for tools that would be useful, please tell us…

What can you do with Federation Lab today?

  • A Service Provider Registry using SAMLmetaJS (javascript editor) for registering your test entities
  • Automated SAML Service Provider Tester: automated testing tool.
  • OpenIdP: Feide OpenIdP will automatically trust all test entities that are registered. A dedicated FedLab OpenIdP and TestShib are beeing configured soon… We will be contacting commercial vendors and offer them the opportunity to connect test IdPs to the FedLab.
  • Web-based SAML debugger. Encode and decode messages captured in the SAML flow.

Video demonstrating how Federation Lab Works

I’ve made a short screencast demonstration of how Federation Lab works.

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