Migration to WordPress

I’ve ran rnd.feide.no on Drupal for 2-3 years now. While drupal is a very sophisticated platform with tons of features; for this particular site, it was basically an overkill. I’ve just converted the site back to WordPress which I used before I migrated to Drupal. The reasoning is to save some time maintaining this site, and focus mostly on content. The plugin API is somewhat simpler in WordPress, which allows me to extend the site without disturbing other work I’m focusing on.

If you miss some content, or find 404s, let me know.

I’ll probably fresh up the theme a bit sometime soon, and improve some of the contents (such as the attributelist).

Commenting on the blog entries should now work again (have been disabled for a while on the drupal site for various reasons). I’ll probably add OpenID login pretty soon.

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