How I work – the tools

I use a 15-inch MacBook Pro and an iPhone.

To keep track of code I use Subversion and Google Code. I write code in TextMate and occationally use BBedit, in particular I use BBedit for diff-ing. I use Transmit for editing files over SFTP/SSH.

I never write documents in Microsoft Office nor OpenOffice. I started out with LaTeX, threw that away for OASIS DocBook. And recently I’ve threw away DocBook for something as simple as Markdown. All documents is stored in Subversion and I have written web-frontends that automatically updates and presents the latest version, such as and I’ve written scripts to automatically create table of contents, anchored headers and section numbers.

Everything I write (more or less) is publicly accessible both through the web-frontends and through a publicly available subversion repository. I try to avoid using wikis.

To follow blogs and news I use Google Reader and RSS. My blog is currently running on drupal. It is to heavy-weight for my use, and I will downgrade back to WordPress whenever I have time.

I use 1Password to keep track of passwords, serials and other secret stuff. I’ve been regularly user of Opera, OmniWeb, Camino, but now I mostly use Safari 4.

I use spotify for listening to music.

For e-mail I use Apple Mail and iPhone mail with IMAP. I use S/MIME and X.509 for signing and encryption of e-mail.

For calendaring I use Google Calendar. I use CalDAV between Google Calendar and Apple iCal. I also use CalDAV to my iPhone calendar. I use an iCalendar export together with some custom scripts to update our work calendar system.

To keep track of what needs to be done, I use remember the milk, and the RTM iPhone application. I’ve written some customized views using their web-services API.

I have a full incremental backup of my whole computer several times during a day with Apple TimeCapusle. As mentioned documents and code is also backed-up with revision history in Subversion. I also use Dropbox for file synchronisation with revision history, and for sharing files with my family, and for synchronising files for offline reading on my iPhone. I also maintain a cloned disk image using SuperDuper for minimizing the time to restore to being productive after a disk or computer crash.

I use flickr a lot to share photos. I use the flickr web-services API for some custom photo views and integration with other services. Most of the photos I shoot using Canon 5D + 50mm f/1.4. Other services that I use regularly includes for Geneagoly, Google Docs Spreadsheet for echonomy, self-written app for budgetting, iZepto for hour tracking.

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