New SimpleSAMLphp Documentation Site

I’m happy to announce that today we are launching a new documentation site for SimpleSAMLphp.

This page will also hold a future version of the simpleSAMLphp home page.

If you want to link to the documentation index of the latest stable release of simplesamlphp; use this link:

Most of the old documentation is linked correctly over to the new portal. If you encounter some links on that is not redirecting; let me know, and I’ll fix it.

Notice that documentation is now proper versioned; which means that you will be able to view all documents in revision 1.4, 1.5 and trunk, and easily switch between the revisions on a list on the upper right.

The search field is not yet working; we are waiting for google to index the new site. It should automatically start working in days or hours. We are using google custom search.

The new site should be snappy; I’m sorry for the inconvenience of the sluggish old site.

The new site is probably full of bugs; if you encounter some let me know.

The new site is automatically updated from subversion once an hour.

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