Infocard module updated

A bit more than a few dayes later :-P, We are glad to announce a new release of the InfoCard module implementation for simpleSAMLphp. Here are the major changes:

  • In addition to user-password authentication, STS is also accepting Self-issued cards.
  • Fully compatible with MS Cardspace. Really! (Tested with Digitalme and Cardspaces)
  • mex.php has been fully rewritten, now it’s short and understable. 🙂
  • A link has been added in the module main page so it’s possible to get a managed card once you get authenticated by means of a simple user-password form.Because of this getinfocard.php is replaced by getcardform.php
  • A new classs called STS has been added to handle the STS messages (issuing InfoCards and all the WS-TRUST stuff).
  • Tokenservice.php make use of STS class. This has allowed us to shorten it quite a lot.
  • Commented and more elegant code.
  • Logging support:It’s possible to log the RST (from the identity selector) and the RSTR (from the STS) messages in a configurable directory.
  • We carry on using transport binding for the communications.
  • This work is being supported by RedIRIS (the spanish NREN, and CS Department of the University of Alcala (Spain) ( This module has been developed by Samuel Muñoz Hidalgo.

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