(stolen from JRA5 webside): Before the vision of a truly open European research area can be realised, it must be possible to establish interoperable access to the networks that interconnect to form the research networking supply chain in Europe. To the user, the multiple networks must appear to be one seamless resource. A researcher visiting a collaborator in Paris should be able to log on to the network and access the local resources on his computer in Poznan easily.

The GÉANT2 JRA5 working group is running two projects. eduroam for interconnecting wireless networks across Europe, and eduGAIN for interconnecting authentication and authroization infrastructures from the participating countries.

Feide is participating involved in both eduroam and eduGAIN. Feide’s involvement in eduGAIN includes among other activives to design and implement the Feide bridiging element to enable Feide services and IdPs to work with other services and IdPs connected to eduGAIN.


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